There's certainly no shortage of adult entertainment in Las Vegas. Within several miles of practically any hotel on the strip, there is a topless or nude venue to be found... but where should you spend your limited amount of time viewing the "spectacles" in Vegas? That can be up for debate. However, we'd like to think we are good judges of amateurs (we mean character, of course). Below you will find our personal favorites, which include five of the most stellar strip clubs in Vegas -- in no particular order.

5. Can Can Room   -   The Can Can Room is world-renowned... and it's also the oldest fully nude club in Las Vegas, Nevada. They boast the youngest, and the prettiest girls in town. There are very few clubs in the city of sin which primarily hire dancers between the ages of 18 - 21. Seven erotically-themed fantasy rooms are set up for your enjoyment which offer a more one on one erotic lapdance experience.

4. Crazy Horse 3   -   The drinks are a bit pricy and the service isn't the best, but the girls are top notch and the overall atmosphere gets a 10. There is a shuttle bus that conveniently picks you up and drops you off at their location for free -- tips appreciated. This is a great local spot as they have local appreciation days. There are private rooms which boast a more intimate environment. There are also several stages that provide eye-candy at all times. The lap dances are full contact, so well worth the $20 fee. The music is eclectic and the djs are experienced.

3. Sapphires   -   This strip club is known for being the largest adult strip club establishment in the world. It is a truly grandiose building where stages and boobage abound. They have pick up service to the location and also offer free taxi rides as long as you tell the driver before drop off. For those who do not want to spend tons of dinero, this club has plenty of accomodating room near the stages.

2. Little Darlings   -   Some may disagree that this is one of the best nudey bars in Vegas. You may not be fond of the "no alcoholic beverages served on the premises" rule. This can be remedied by drinking beforehand. In case you are searching for some of the hottest girls under the age of 25 that take it all off, you've come to the right spot. This club is almost always full, there are hookahs, private booths, and a special area for VIP dances.

1. Spearmint Rhino   -   This venue is another oldie but goodie... a majority of the dancers are good-looking, young and friendly. Drinks are not too pricy and the hustle & bustle isn't too bad. They have several VIP packages which offer multiple lap dances at reduced rates.

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